Current Favorite Blogs

I’ve been writing blogs on Box Office Poison for about a year now, but I previously wrote for a couple of businesses I worked for, as well as an LGBT+ blog as a teenager (which you will never find, ever, as long as I shall live, that skeleton is BURIED MY WRITING WAS SO BAD), but I find that most of my inspiration for writing blogs has come from the endless list of independently-run lifestyle/topic specific blogs I’ve stumbled across. Here are a few of my current favorites:

  1. Foxy Cat Coven: This blog is a perfect mix of lifestyle blog and review blog. The two bloggers talk about all things spooky and clearly love writing for this project. They interact with readers quite a bit on social media and have “B Movie Nights” where they live tweet about the film and recommend you watch along with them. These posts are so obviously written with love and inspiration and fun in each one that I can’t help but wait for each new one with baited breath. Check em’ out.
  2. The Belfry Network: All goth, all the time, the Belfry Network is a series of blogs and podcasts dedicated to all things dark and goth. I’ve chosen to showcase the whole network, rather than one portion of it because I think they’re doing a fantastic job of running this network and there’s a bit of something for everyone on The Belfry. They go in depth on goth culture, music, horror, mysteries, history, and they even have a vampire audio drama going (which sounds just…… amazing). Their newest addition to the network is a podcast called Burn Your Books.

  3.  Halloween Eddie: Look no further for fun horror opinions and updates! Eddie clearly has a passion for horror and puts out visual and written updates on current scary-happenings. He also writes his own short fiction (I think you can guess the genre).
  4. Paperback Cinema: This blog doesn’t just focus on new releases, it focuses on adaptations, classic B Movies, Hollywood goings-on and so much more. Paperback has such a fun and laid back style, it’s one of the easiest blogs to read.
  5. Flow Art Station: F.A.S. presents new and interesting art pieces on an almost daily basis and I can’t get enough of it. This online art magazine explores the vast world of modern art while celebrating it, not criticizing it. This is clearly a passion project for the blogger, and I commend them for posting (and crediting) these artists.

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