Top 5 Youtube Film Critics

There are quite a few film-related channels on Youtube, and a critic that resonates with you can sometimes be hard to come by. Within the last year, I’ve found a couple of channels that have given me content I’ve been craving as well as some that have changed the way I look at film criticism.

5. YourMovieSucksDOTorg: Adam creates both short and long-form reviews on everything from new releases to bad B movies. His Quickies give you a bit of insight into one film (these are usually under ten minutes), but he does have longer videos. His Your Movie Sucks series is hilarious and balances legitimate criticisms with humor. He clearly puts a lot of time and research into his films and even does “Best of [instert year here]” videos of previous years so that he can view as many as possible to make proper Best Of recommendations. Start with the “Childhood Trauma” series of YMS videos that delve into tv/films from his childhood that freaked him out, or his video on Neil Breen.

4. The Dom: I started watching Lost in Adaptation, a series about book-to-movie adaptations, about six months ago and was hooked immediately. Dom goes into what film adaptations of books keep, change and leave out of the film altogether and is another channel that clearly does quite a lot of research on the books and films he’s writing about. He also does quite a few independent book reviews, as well as his A Dom of Ice and Fire series, dedicated to Game of Thrones. He hit 100,000 subscribers very recently, and I’m so excited for him because he clearly puts a lot of care into his videos.

3. Jack Howard: Jack of Jack & Dean fame occasionally does a video on his personal channel where he discusses a single film, an aspect of a film, or talks about stylistic qualities of films. These videos are fairly fun and short and give you a bit of insight into the inner workings of movies. More recently he’s started interviewing filmmakers and is clearly geeked at the opportunity. He also really likes Spider-man. I just thought I should mention that.

2. Red Letter Media: Despite most of their videos averaging a little over an hour long, I find myself binging Red Letter’s Best of the Worst series frequently, where they get together, watch bad B Movies and discuss them, and afterwards decide which was the best of the worst. Half in the Bag and re: View are their other movie-related shows, also in the longer format, and they’re just as entertaining as BOTW. Half in the Bag focuses on newer releases, while the focus of re:View is often on a single film worthy of discussion. This channel’s brought quite a few movies to my attention that I’m going to check out, and they have a great balance of humor and criticism as well.

1. Chris StuckmannChris Stuckmann is a youtube film critic and author (Anime Impact, The Film Buff’s Bucket List) that made quite a big impact on the way I see films. Stuckmann does reviews on films, tv shows, anime, and has a few videos on the field of film criticism as well. He does spoiler-free reviews, for the most part, and posts videos on current and classic films. One of his newer videos on the film 12 Angry Men has become a personal favorite. He covers everything about a film in videos that are under or just over ten minutes, and if you’re looking for a series with a longer format, he does have quite a few long-form videos too.

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